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On top of racing in the offshore powerboat world championships and currently being the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of H-FARM, Maurizio Rossi has been involved in his family’s shoe business from a young age. They have been making luxury women’s shoes for generations as the brand “Rossi Moda” and Maurizio tells the story of how they gradually began to cooperate closely with LVMH, before finally becoming part of the LVMH group around fifteen years ago! ShaoLan teaches the Chinese words for all kinds of different shoes, be they expensive luxury shoes, sports trainers or even slippers, so there’s something for everyone. Finally, also learn how to say “take your shoes off” and “put your shoes on,” something particularly important for telling children when they come home!

The way to say “shoes” in Chinese is 鞋子. This simply means “shoes” of any kind, so if you want to be more specific then keep the first character and add a descriptive word in front of it, such as 皮鞋 for “leather shoes,” 球鞋 for “trainers,” 女鞋 for women’s shoes or 拖鞋 for “slippers!”

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xié zi
Women’s shoes
nǚ xié
Men’s shoes
nán xié
Children’s shoes
tóng xié
Leather shoes
pí xié
Shoes made out of fabric
bù xié
Trainers or sneakers
qiú xié
Shoe shop
xié diàn
Put the shoes on
chuān xié
Take the shoes off
tuō xié
tuō xié

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