168 To Give, To See Off

Jesse from Transition talks with ShaoLan about how to say “give” in Chinese. Why is it important to know? Precisely because gift-giving is an integral part of Chinese culture, so ShaoLan shares some top tips on what to give and how to give it so that you can have the maximum positive effect! The word for “give” can also be used as a way to describe “seeing someone off,” either to your door, if they have been a guest at your house, or at an airport or train station if they are going away and you want to say goodbye.

The word “to give’ in Chinese is , which as well as meaning “to give” can also mean “to send’ or “to accompany” when you are seeing someone off at the door, or at an airport or train station etc.

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To give, to see off
I give you flowers.
wǒ sòng nǐ huā
I'll see you off.
wǒ sòng nǐ
I'll see him off.
wǒ sòng tā
Blow a kiss to somebody
飛吻 / 飞吻
fēi wěn
I blow you a kiss.
我送你一個飛吻 / 我送你一个飞吻
wǒ sòng nǐ yī gè fēi wěn
送禮 / 送礼
sòng lǐ
禮 / 礼

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