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In this extremely practical episode, Jesse Edbrooke from Transition talks with ShaoLan about the question “where?” They give a group of examples and scenarios of how to use this simple but useful word, by itself and combined with other words! Learn how to ask where someone is, or to say where you are, or to ask where that thing is that you just lost! ShaoLan also explains the concept of “measure words” in Chinese, which may seem hard at first, but actually, provides a key to understanding the meaning of the thing being described.

In Chinese, the word for “where” is 哪裡/哪里. The first character 哪 means “which?” or “where?” and the second character 裡/里 means “within” or “inside,” so when put together they mean “where?” (with a sense of asking about the exact location).

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哪裡 / 哪里
nǎ lǐ
Where are you?
你在哪裡? / 你在哪里?
nǐ zài nǎ lǐ
那裡 / 那里
nà lǐ
To take
Which one?
哪個? / 哪个?
nǎ ge
Which person?
哪個人? / 哪个人?
nǎ ge rén
Which car?
哪輛車? / 哪辆车?
nǎ liàng chē
Measure word for vehicles
輛 / 辆
Which fish?
哪條魚? / 哪条鱼?
nǎ tiáo yú
Strip, measure word for long thin things
條 / 条
Which movie?
哪部電影? / 哪部电影?
nǎ bù diàn yǐng
Measure word for works of films
Where is your car?
你的車在哪裡? / 你的车在哪里?
nǐ de chē zài nǎ lǐ
I am at home.
wǒ zài jiā
I am in the USA.
我在美國 / 我在美国
wǒ zài měi guó
Where is my guitar?
我的吉他在哪裡? / 我的吉他在哪里?
wǒ de jí tā zài nǎ lǐ
Where are my socks?
我的襪子在哪裡? / 我的袜子在哪里?
wǒ de wà zi zài nǎ lǐ
襪子 / 袜子
wà zi

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