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Josh from Transition talks to ShaoLan about going abroad, or is it going home? What’s it like to live in two places? Do you enjoy going abroad? The two characters that make up the word for “going abroad” in Chinese are actually extremely useful in many different contexts, so make sure you can master them! ShaoLan also gives an extremely useful tip on how to make sure you don’t mix up the word for “going out” with the word for “leaving home to become a monk”!

In Chinese, the way to describe going abroad is 出國/出国 which is made up of 出 which means “to leave” or “to get out” and 國/国 which means “country” or “nation.” So to 出國/出国 is to “leave the country” or “to go abroad.”

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Go abroad
出國 / 出国
chū guó
To exit, to get out
國 / 国
Exit customs
出關 / 出关
chū guān
Publish books
出書 / 出书
chū shū
Publish records
chū chàng piān
中國 / 中国
zhōng guó
United States
美國 / 美国
měi guó
德國 / 德国
dé guó
法國 / 法国
fà guó
英國 / 英国
yīng guó
Business trip
chū chāi
Go abroad on a business trip
出差出國 / 出差出国
chū chāi chū guó
Go out
出門 / 出门
chū mén
chū kǒu
To return to one's home country
回國 / 回国
huí guó
Go home
huí jiā
Become a monk or nun
chū jiā

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