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ShaoLan teaches Carole Stone, London’s networking Queen, how to say “Queen” in Chinese! You can also learn how to describe other members of the royal family as Carole tells the story of receiving her CBE at Buckingham Palace in recognition of her work with various charities, not least bringing young people together from all over the world to communicate and share ideas on how the world’s most pressing issues can best be addressed.

The word 女王 nǚ wáng combines 女 the female character with 王 which means king. On top of that 王子 wáng zǐ means the son of the king!

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nǚ wáng
國 / 国
The king of the kingdom
國王 / 国王
guó wáng
wáng zǐ
Prince Charles
查爾斯王子 / 查尔斯王子
chá ěr sī wáng zǐ

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