162 Free (Of Charge)

It is said that Americans truly cherish their freedom! However, in this episode, Josh from Transition and ShaoLan are talking about the kind of  “free” that means you don’t need to pay for something. Lots of things which used to cost a lot of money in the past, today are free, such as long distance calling or even video conferencing. Lots of social media platforms are also free, although do we simply pay for them in other ways? On top of discussing the word ‘free’ in Chinese, Josh and ShaoLan go on to talk about all kinds of different costs in Chinese that you may encounter, such as household bills, transport costs or even tipping in restaurants!

In Chinese there are a number of different ways to say “free” but the most common is 免費/免费. The word  means “unnecessary” or “not need” and 費/费 is “cost,” so together the word means “cost not needed” or simply, “free.”

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Free (of charge)
免費 / 免费
miǎn fèi
To spare
費 / 费
No need
bú yòng
錢 / 钱
Another way to say "free of charge"
不用錢 / 不用钱
bú yòng qián
It's my treat
我請客 / 我请客
wǒ qǐng kè
To pay
小費 / 小费
xiǎo fèi
Tuition fee
學費 / 学费
xué fèi
Water bill
水費 / 水费
shuǐ fèi
Electricity bill
電費 / 电费
diàn fèi
Passenger fee
車費 / 车费
chē fèi
Transportation cost
車馬費 / 车马费
chē mǎ fèi

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