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What is the purpose of a stage? To entertain? To inform? To promote? Bruno Giussani is the curator of Ideas and the European director of TED! It’s an honour to have Bruno in the Chineasy studio because he was one of the original people to see potential in Chineasy and invite ShaoLan to the TED stage some years ago. Bruno talks about how at TED, they look to find people with good ideas from all over the world and give them a stage to accelerate the development of their ideas. He also shares some expert advice on how to avoid giving a mediocre talk and really communicate in the best way possible!

In Chinese, 舞台 is the word for “stage.” The first character,  means “to dance” and  means “platform.” The platform with dancers is the “stage.”

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舞臺 / 舞台
wǔ tái
To dance
臺 / 台
To go on the stage
上臺 / 上台
shàng tái
To get up
You get on the stage
你上臺 / 你上台
nǐ shàng tái
I get on the stage
我上臺 / 我上台
wǒ shàng tái
We get on the stage
我們上臺 / 我們上台
wǒ men shàng tái
To go down
To get off the stage, to step down from a job
下臺 / 下台
xià tái

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