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Michael Acton-Smith, the Cofounder of Calm.com and also the inventor of Moshi Monsters comes into the Chineasy Studio to talk about how his interest in mental health led him to develop the app called “Calm.” The intention of the app is to help busy people to calm their lives and find space and time to slow down. The people in the Calm office even have a “calm time” at the beginning of every day, to start work in a positive frame of mind, leaving behind the stress of the journey to work. As ShaoLan goes on to explain, there’s a lot we can learn from the ancient Chinese in the area of being calm. 

The Chinese word for calm is 靜/静, which is made up of the original characters of blue and green, calm colours!

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Meditation made simple

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靜 / 静
靜心 / 静心
jìng xīn
To sit
To meditate
靜坐 / 静坐
jìng zuò

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