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Jesse from Transition talks with ShaoLan about something that every band is looking for more of, fans! In this case, the word is simply a phonetic translation from the English word “fans” so the meaning of the word doesn’t apply. However, interestingly, ShaoLan explains that the actual meaning of the word for fans in Chinese is vermicelli noodles, which she used to eat all the time while growing up in Taiwan! Jesse continues to learn about other useful applications of the characters that make up the word for fans, including “fan club” and a traditional Taiwanese rice snack that both share the same main character.

粉絲/粉丝, in this case, 粉 means “powder” and 絲 is “silk,” so the“‘powder silk” is a fan… Actually, 粉絲/粉丝 is a kind of vermicelli noodle, but today, the word is simply a phonetic translation of the English word for “fans” 粉絲/粉丝.

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粉絲 / 粉丝
fěn sī
絲 / 丝
Another meaning: Chinese vermicelli noodle
粉絲 / 粉丝
fěn sī
Fan club
粉絲團 / 粉丝团
fěn sī tuán
Rice roll
飯糰 / 饭团
fàn tuán
To gather, group
團 / 团
樂團 / 乐团
yuè tuán
Transition Band
前進樂團 / 前进乐团
qián jìn yuè tuán
Family gathering
團圓 / 团圆
tuán yuán
圓 / 圆
I am the fan of Chineasy.
我是 Chineasy 的粉絲 / 我是 Chineasy 的粉丝
wǒ shì Chineasy de fěn sī.
I am the fan of Transition.
我是 Transition 的粉絲 / 我是 Transition 的粉丝
wǒ shì Transition de fěn sī.
I am the fan of Red Sox team.
我是紅襪隊的粉絲 / 我是红袜队的粉丝
wǒ shì hóng wà duì de fěn sī.

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