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Are you a fashionable person? What kinds of fashion do you like to follow? Or do you prefer to create fashion? Helen Wright has had a lifelong career in the fashion industry. She talks to ShaoLan about fashion and how one of her favourite parts of her job is being able to observe how different people express themselves through different fashion senses and styles in different regions around the world. As a bonus, learn how to describe all of the main ”fashion weeks” from around the world in Chinese!

The word for fashion in Chinese is 時尚/时尚, which is made up of 時 which means ”time” and 尚 which means ”not yet” or ”admiration,” so the desire which at this time has not yet been achieved and is therefore still being pursued, is 時尚/时尚 ”fashion.”

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時尚 / 时尚
shí shàng
時 / 时
時髦 / 时髦
shí máo
Popular, fashionable
liú xíng
週 / 周
Fashion week
時尚週 / 时尚周
shí shàng zhōu
London Fashion Week
倫敦時尚週 / 伦敦时尚周
lún dūn shí shàng zhōu
New York Fashion Week
紐約時尚週 / 纽约时尚周
niǔ yuē shí shàng zhōu
Milan Fashion Week
米蘭時尚週 / 米兰时尚周
mǐ lán shí shàng zhōu

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