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Bruno Giussani is the curator of “Ideas” and the European director and international curator of TED global. One of his recent projects involved persuading Pope Francis to record a talk for a TED conference, so he tells ShaoLan the story of how they managed to carry this out. He also shares some top tips on how to give a good speech using the perspective that when you speak to an audience, they are giving you two irreplaceable and priceless things, their attention and their time, so it’s important to use the opportunity to the best of your ability!

In Chinese, 演講/演讲 is the word for “speech.” The first character is 演, the verb “to perform” and 講/讲 is “to articulate” or “to speak,” so when you perform your speaking, it is a speech!

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演講 / 演讲
yǎn jiǎng
To perform
To speak, to articulate
講 / 讲
Speaker, orator
演講家 / 演讲家
yǎn jiǎng jiā
Speaker, orator
演説家 / 演说家 (another word for “Speaker”)
yǎn shuō jiā

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