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Mandeep Rai, the CEO of Creative Visions Global, comes into the studio to talk about a day in her life and how she actually gains energy from meetings! She shares her tips for how to make a meeting useful and effective, while it seems that she and ShaoLan have some slightly different views on meetings! 

ShaoLan shares the very interesting back story of the characters that make up the word for “having a meeting” and how they relate to a door and a steamer.

The Chinese word for meeting is 開會/开会.  開/开 is “to open” or “to initiate” and 會/会 means “to be able to” or in this case, “meeting” or “gathering” so 開會 is “to initiate a meeting or gathering.”

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Have a meeting
開會 / 开会
kāi huì
To open, initiate
開 / 开
To meet, to gather
會 / 会
To open the door
開門 / 开门
kāi mén
To drive a car
開車 / 开车
kāi chē
To turn on the light
開燈 / 开灯
kāi dēng
開心 / 开心
kāi xīn
Finish the meeting
開完會 / 开完会
kāi wán huì

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