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Who is the special guest of the day? Sean Leow, the director of international at Kickstarter talks about what makes Kickstarter different from other crowd-funding, or indeed, other companies. Being a public benefit corporation, they have a legal responsibility to deliver social benefit over and above profit. ShaoLan also explains the origins of the Chinese word for “special” and how it related to scraping meat from the bone in ancient times!

In Chinese, the way to say “special” is 特別/特别, where the first word 特 means “special” and the second character 別/别 means “to differentiate” or “separate,” so there’s a sense of the special thing being separate from the rest!

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特別 / 特别
tè bié
別 / 别
You are special.
你好特別 / 你好特别
nǐ hǎo tè bié
Special project
特別的項目 / 特别的项目
tè bié de xiàng mù
Especially good
特別好 / 特别好
tè bié hǎo
Especially big
特別大 / 特别大
tè bié dà
Especially small
特別小 / 特别小
tè bié xiǎo

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