Sean Leow

Technology pioneer

Sean is passionate about empowering creative people with technology.

In 2007, Sean co-founded, the first social networking site to serve independent Chinese artists and musicians. Today, Neocha is an award-winning creative agency and media platform dedicated to creativity and culture in Asia.

Sean is currently the Director of International at Kickstarter, where he leads a team supporting independent creators in 20+ countries. Prior to Kickstarter, Sean worked at Facebook in a variety of roles supporting partnerships with 3rd party developers, artists and IP licensors.

Sean is a graduate of Duke University, MIT Sloan and the Hopkins-Nanjing Center. He is an enthusiastic aficionado of gummy bears.


Empowering creative people with technology

Sean Leow's Chineasy Story

Chinese language and culture is an important part of my heritage and career. My father is from a Hakka family that left Mainland China in the late 1800s for Mauritius and later Malaysia, where my father was born. Growing up in Singapore and California, I was exposed to Chinese language and culture, but didn’t start studying Mandarin seriously until my second year of university. After a study abroad program in Beijing, I was totally hooked and later studied Economics and International Relations at the Hopkins-Nanjing Center. I then spent five years living in Shanghai, where I started a company dedicated to serving Chinese artists, musicians, and other independent creatives.