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Do you like limits? Lots of people don’t like speed limits (especially speed cameras), but most people like products that are limited edition! Sean Leow, the Director of International at Kickstarter talks with ShaoLan about different kinds of limits that apply to Kickstarter projects, such as time limits for projects, or limited edition rewards. Learn how to use the Chinese word for “limit” in all kinds of contexts, to describe all kinds of different limits.

The Chinese word for “limit” is , which can simply mean “limit” on its own, or can have other words added behind it to express what kind of limit that is, such as 限量 “limited edition,” 限速 “speed limit” or 限時 “time limit.”

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Have limit, limited
yǒu xiàn
Limitless, unlimited
無限 / 无限
wú xiàn
Limited quantity
xiàn liàng
Limited time
限時 / 限时
xiàn shí
Speed limit
xiàn sù
Upper limit
shàng xiàn
Lower limit
xià xiàn
Upper and lower limit
shàng xià xiàn

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