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Sean Leow, the director of international at Kickstarter is no stranger to project launches. In fact, Kickstarter have launched over 350,000 projects in the past few years. Sean talks to ShaoLan about an initiative called Kickstarter Gold, which involves some of the groups who have run the most successful campaigns in the past, coming back to launch new projects. Excitingly, this includes Chineasy who launched a project called Chineasy Tiles, a board game that teaches the players Chinese while they play. Sean follows up by sharing some tips on how to launch a successful project on Kickstarter, so listen in if you have your own ideas!

The first word, 發/发 means to “send out,” “show” or “to issue” something. The second word  means “represent,” so when you issue something that represents a new project then you are “launching” your project, 發表/发表.

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To launch
發表 / 发表
fā biǎo
To send out, to issue
發 / 发
To express
Item, project
項目 / 项目
xiàng mù
I am launching a new project at Kickstarter today.
我今天在 Kickstarter 發表新項目。 / 我今天在 Kickstarter 发表新项目。
wǒ jīn tiān zài Kickstarter fā biǎo xīn xiàng mù
jīn tiān

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