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How can you lose weight without feeling hungry? The founder of The Preventative Medicine Research Institute, Dean Ornish, shares some really useful tips on how to lose weight without having to cut down on the amount of food you eat. His advice is quite closely in tune with the traditional Chinese diet, which tended to be more plant based with less processed food, a diet which is actually healthier, cheaper and better for the environment than a typical modern western diet!

The Chinese word 減/减 means to “reduce” or “to cut down on” and the word 重 means “heavy”, or “weight”, so 減重/减重 simply means “to cut down on weight” or to “lose weight.”

More information is available at www.ornish.com

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Lose weight
減重 / 减重
jiǎn zhòng
To deduct
減 / 减
Another way to say lose weight
減肥 / 减肥
jiǎn féi

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