195 Get Naked

David Agus, professor of medicine at USC, co-director of the national cancer institute, New York Times best-selling author is a fan of the Greek writer Hypocrites, who 2000 years ago wrote about the importance of knowing yourself. David suggests that a simple and important method for knowing yourself better is to get naked in front of a mirror at least once a month because your skin is actually the biggest organ in the body and the skin tends to reflect illness underneath. He champions the idea that data negates error, and encourages everyone to keep as much data as possible regarding your own health. Looking at yourself naked is extremely important visual data of your own health.

The Chinese word for getting naked is 脫光光. The first word  is the word “to take off” or “to strip out,” while “光” means “light.” When you take off everything so that the light reflects off your skin then you have 脫光光 “get naked.”

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Get naked
tuō guāng guāng
To strip off, to take off
Light, bright
To take off the clothes
tuō yī fú
yī fú

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