047 Chewing Gum

Can chewing gum make you happy? Are chewing gums good for you? Caron Proschan is the founder of Simply Gum and joins ShaoLan today to learn how to say chewing gum in Chinese: 口香糖 (kǒu xiāng táng)!

Do you know why chewing gum is called 口香糖 (kǒu xiāng táng) in Chinese? Let’s break down the characters:

口 (kǒu) – mouth

香 (xiāng) – fragrance

糖 (táng) – sugar, candy

In this episode, Caron Proschan talks about her incredible quest to create an organic, healthy alternative to the synthetic filled gums manufactured by the established companies in the industry. It will give you a new perspective on the chewing gum habit!

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Chewing gum
kǒu xiāng táng
Bubble gum
pào pào táng

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