032 Welcome And Thanks For Coming

When you enter a store in China, you will hear them greet you with 歡迎光臨 / 欢迎光临 (huān yíng guāng lín) which means “welcome”. When you leave a restaurant, they will bid you goodbye with 謝謝光臨 / 谢谢光临 (xiè xie guāng lín).

Renowned British Artist Sarah Butterfield joins ShaoLan in this episode to learn how to say “Welcome” and “Thanks for Coming” in Chinese. Sarah shares interesting stories about her stay in Beijing when hosting an art show. To welcome guests and patrons, she would say the phrase 歡迎 (huān yíng), a more casual greeting.


Learn With Sarah Butterfield

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歡迎光臨 / 欢迎光临
huān yíng guāng lín
Thanks for coming
謝謝光臨 / 谢谢光临
xiè xie guāng lín

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