157 To Feel, To Think

Ever wanted to express an opinion in Mandarin Chinese?! Transition singer and songwriter Jesse Edbrooke joins ShaoLan in London to find out the best way to share your thoughts and feelings in Chinese.

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To feel, to think
覺得 / 觉得
jué de
覺 / 觉
To obtain
I feel so happy.
我覺得好開心 / 我觉得好开心
wǒ jué de hǎo kāi xīn
I feel very sad.
我覺得好傷心 / 我觉得好伤心
wǒ jué de hǎo shāng xīn
What do you think?
你覺得呢? / 你觉得呢?
nǐ jué de ne?
I think it's very easy.
我覺得很容易 / 我觉得很容易
wǒ jué de hěn róng yì

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