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Jesse from Transition and ShaoLan talk about “this and that” in Chinese. For ShaoLan, the first English words she ever learned were “this and that,” which in the context of the lessons weren’t particularly useful, but in Chinese, learning the words for “this and that” can actually open up a whole area of Chinese which you will use every day. For example, these words are useful when introducing other people, describing objects or especially when asking those eternal questions “what is that?” “what is this”?!

In Chinese, 這/这 means “this” or “the” and 那 means “that.”

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This & That
這 & 那 / 这 & 那
zhè & nà
This, the
這 / 这
This one
這個 / 这个
zhè ge
That one
那個 / 那个
nà ge
That person
那個人 / 那个人
nà ge rén
This person
這個人 / 这个人
zhè ge rén
This fish
這條魚 / 这条鱼
zhè tiáo yú
Measure word for long thin things /
條 / 条
This fish is so fresh.
這條魚好新鮮 / 这条鱼好新鲜
zhè tiáo yú hǎo xīn xiān
This is
這是 / 这是
zhè shì
tài tai
This is my wife.
這是我太太 / 这是我太太
zhè shì wǒ tài tai
Mr, husband
xiān sheng
This is my husband.
這是我先生 / 这是我先生
zhè shì wǒ xiān sheng
兒子 / 儿子
ér zi
女兒 / 女儿
nǚ ér
child or children
xiǎo hái

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