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Some people get angry easily, some people don’t. Some express their anger on the outside and others try to keep it in! Jesse Edbrooke from Transition talks to ShaoLan about anger and some of the different ways of describing anger in Chinese as well as some of the best ways to try to avoid getting too angry! ShaoLan even teaches you how to tell someone not to get angry (although that might actually make them angrier so be careful)!

The Chinese word for anger is 生氣/生气. The first character 生 means “to give birth” and the second character 氣/气 means “air” or “energy.” When you are creating air or creating energy, then you are getting angry!

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Get angry
生氣 / 生气
shēng qì
To give birth
氣 / 气
Not angry
不生氣 / 不生气
bù shēng qì
I am very angry.
我很生氣 / 我很生气
wǒ hěn shēng qì
Are you angry?
你生氣嗎 ? / 你生气吗?
nǐ shēng qì ma
You angry?
你生氣了嗎? / 你生气了吗?
nǐ shēng qì le ma
Angry in silence, sulky
生悶氣 / 生闷气
shēng mèn qì
Depressed, sad and silent
悶 / 闷
Easily get angry
容易生氣 / 容易生气
róng yì shēng qì
Do you get angry easily?
你容易生氣嗎? / 你容易生气吗?
nǐ róng yì shēng qì ma?
róng yì
Don't get angry!
不要生氣 / 不要生气
bù yào shēng qì

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