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Is this episode about the fruit or the electronics company? Well, in Chinese, just like English, it‘s the same word for both so it doesn‘t matter! Jesse Edbrooke and ShaoLan talk about the fruit first and which types of apple they like best, teaching the words for some of the different types of apple and whether they are best eaten peeled or with the skin still on. Interestingly, ShaoLan explains how the word for “fruit” in Chinese can also be used metaphorically to describe a good result, such as a “fruitful trip” or “fruit of your hard work.” ShaoLan also describes the biggest kind of apple that she’s ever eaten, do you know which type it is?

The way to say “apple” in Chinese is 蘋果/苹果. The first character 蘋/苹 means “frequent grass” and the second character 果 means “fruit.” You can imagine the apple being a common fruit, 蘋果/苹果 and if you want to describe in more detail then just add words such as the color at the beginning. 紅蘋果/红苹果 is “red apple” and 青蘋果/青苹果 is “green apple.”

Today’s word is “apple” in Chinese. Find out whether the word for the fruit is the same as a lot of people’s favorite fruit-based phones! And learn the perfect pronunciation when you listen in to ShaoLan and Transition’s singer Jesse Edbrooke.


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蘋果 / 苹果
píng guǒ
chéng guǒ
Good outcome
hǎo chéng guǒ
Red apples
紅蘋果 / 红苹果
hóng píng guǒ
Green apples
青蘋果 / 青苹果
qīng píng guǒ
Apple skin
蘋果皮 / 苹果皮
píng guǒ pí
Apple fans
guǒ fěn
Apple computers
蘋果電腦 / 苹果电脑
píng guǒ diàn nǎo
蘋果手機 / 苹果手机
píng guǒ shǒu jī
Apple stores
蘋果店 / 苹果店
píng guǒ diàn
I love eating apples.
我愛吃蘋果 / 我爱吃苹果
wǒ ài chī píng guǒ
shuǐ guǒ

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