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Maurizio Rossi grew up as someone who loved to push boundaries! From racing in the offshore powerboat world championships to creating a brand of shoes that was eventually snapped up by LVMH, Maurizio’s current role is as Co-Founder and Co-CEO of H-FARM, an “incubator” helping to train young people and push them in the direction of the entrepreneurial business. He has also started H-Campus, which is looking to transform the way that children are educated in order to instill an entrepreneurial spirit in them!

Maurizio’s aspiration is not just to educate young people to be entrepreneurial in business, but actually to push boundaries in themselves and have an entrepreneurial attitude towards their own lives! He sees this as being especially important in a world which will be increasingly automated and run by machines and robots because that world will need humans who are able to reinvent their place at the center of that kind of society.

The way to say “campus” in Chinese is 校園/校园, which is made of the characters 校, which means “school,” and the character 園/园 which means “garden,” so the “school garden” is the “campus” 校園/校园.

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Curiosity driven dreamer and a keen observer

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校園 / 校园
xiào yuán
園 / 园
農莊 / 农庄
nóng zhuāng

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