111 Philosophy

In this special episode, ShaoLan teaches philanthropist Nicolas Berggruen how to say “philosophy” in Chinese. Nicholas then gives his remarkable views on philosophy and how he is making a positive difference in the world.

Share with us how you think philosophy influences our daily lives!

Have you found out some logics when learning Chinese?

If you want to talk about “study,” you can add 學 / 学 (xué) behind a certain subject. For example, the study of economy is 經濟學 / 经济学 (jīng jì xué). In this episode, it’s philosophy 哲學 / 哲学 (zhé xué). What about literature Talk Chineasy taught you on April 12?

Learn With Nicolas Berggruen

A believer that ideas can make a better world

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哲學 / 哲学
zhé xué
Determine, wise
學 / 学
哲學家 / 哲学家
zhé xué jiā

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