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Tom Ilube, the CEO at Crossword Cyber Security also runs a charity called “The African Gifted Foundation,” which brings some of the most gifted students in maths and science from across Africa (particularly girls), to come to “The African Science Academy” in Ghana, giving them the chance to thrive and excel in their fields. ShaoLan explains how the Chinese word for “gifted” is linked to the word for “resources,” which connects nicely with the way in which Tom’s charity particularly looks to enable girls who are gifted but lack the resources at home to help them meet their potential.

The word for “gifted” in Chinese is 資優/资优 which is made up of 資/资 which means “resources” and 優/优 which means “excellence,” so someone with “resource excellence” is “gifted.”

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technology entrepreneur and educational philanthropist

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資優 / 资优
zī yōu
資 / 资
優 / 优
Gifted students
資優生 / 资优生
zī yōu shēng

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