307 Hot & Cold

Josh from Transition calls in from Taipei, where it is very hot, to discuss temperature words with ShaoLan, who is in a rather cold London! Different climates and temperatures mean that different equipment is needed, so on top of describing the temperature of the weather outside, ShaoLan also shares how to describe heating and air conditioning (see which one you need right now)! Of course, there are other useful applications for these words, such as when ordering drinks in Asia, where most stores offer a whole variety of different temperatures that you can choose from, so from after this episode you’ll know exactly how to order to your specific taste!

The words for hot and cold are 熱/热 and 冷. The character for “hot” 熱/热 has the fire radical underneath and then the phonetic part up above. The character for “cold” 冷 has the ice radical on the left side and another ice radical on the right side, so the meaning of “cold” is wrapped up in the character!!

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Hot & cold
熱 & 冷 / 热 & 冷
rè & lěng
Very hot
好熱 / 好热
hǎo rè
Very cold
hǎo lěng
Air conditioning
冷氣 / 冷气
lěng qì
氣 / 气
Ari conditioner
冷氣機 / 冷气机
lěng qì jī
空調 / 空调
kòng tiáo
暖氣 / 暖气
nuǎn qì
Hot air balloon
熱氣球 / 热气球
rè qì qiú
Hot dog
熱狗 / 热狗
rè gǒu
Hot water
熱水 / 热水
rè shuǐ
Hot tea
熱茶 / 热茶
rè chá
Iced water
bīng shuǐ
Cold water
lěng shuǐ
Don’t like the hot or heat
怕熱 / 怕热
pà rè
I don’t like or can’t handle the cold.
wǒ pà lěng
Cold weather
lěng tiān
Hot weather
熱天 / 热天
rè tiān
Boiling hot weather
大熱天 / 大热天 /
dà rè tiān
Neither hot nor cold
不冷不熱 / 不冷不热
bù lěng bù rè
lěng sǐ le
Boiling, burning hot
熱死了 / 热死了
rè sǐ le

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