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You might not have thought that a dictionary is cool, but Shuangyi Li is an extremely cool person who found a way to teach herself foreign languages to a level of high fluency while still living in rural China. She didn’t use a traditional dictionary, but did use an electronic dictionary, although only after three months of self-imposed language immersion! ShaoLan shares the story of how she always carried a dictionary to the USA when traveling on business back when she had her own tech startup in Taiwan, and she goes on to teach the Chinese for various different kinds of dictionary, including the traditional, electronic, phrasal and idiom dictionary!

In Chinese, the word for the dictionary is 字典. The first word means “word” and the second character means “documentation.” So, the “documentation” of “words” is a “dictionary”, 字典.

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zì diǎn
Character, word
Documentation, classic
Electronic dictionary
電子字典 / 电子字典
diàn zǐ zì diǎn
電子 / 电子
diǎn zǐ
Dictionary of idioms
成語字典 / 成语字典
chéng yǔ zì diǎn
Chinese dictionary
zhōng wén zì diǎn
niú jīn
Oxford dictionary
niú jīn zì diǎn

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