Shuangyi Li

Entrepreneur, Model

Shuangyi Li is a Middle school drop out from rural China who learnt English through Shakespeare and BBC. A chance encounter on the bus forever changed her life. After graduating from St. John’s College, Shuangyi is on to the next chapter of her life. Shuangyi is a musician, a painter, a photographer and a part-time model. She is currently working on building her own Business unit within the biggest Women-owned Company called Wildflower International in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Shuangyi’s biggest wish is to build her own company that brings social value and change to China.


Brings social value and change to China

Shuangyi Li's Chineasy Story

When I was small, I prayed to “God”, not fully understand what “God” was: ” Please God, I want an exciting life.” Such prayers are usually answered with a twist. Mine was a much bigger one than I would have ever imagined.

Escaping the reality awaits me in a small rural town in China, I was able to gain an education here in the United States. Such is the time a novelist would choose to end the story before things gets too messy. As much as I would like my life to happen in a neat novel like structure and the control a novelist would have over events in my life. I find myself having to pick up my bag and start on a new journey. Now I pray again: ” Please God, let the sequel be as good as the first one.”