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Shuangyi Li is someone who has an incredible story of how a particular bus ride in the city of Guiyang totally changed the direction of her life! From originally just going on a trip with people from the annual animation festival, the journey turned into something much bigger! Listen through to this episode to hear how Shuangyi Li’s life was transformed by the bus ride and what it has to do with the word antidisestablishmentarianism! Of course, you still need to learn Chinese, so ShaoLan teaches the word for “bus” as well as for various other “peripherals” that relate to busses and transport.

The Chinese word for bus is 公車/公车. The first character 公 means “public” and the second character 車/车 means “vehicle,” so the “public vehicle” is the bus 公車/公车!

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Bus and other words for “bus”
巴士 or 公共汽車 or 公交車 / 巴士 or 公共汽车 or 公交车
bā shì; gōng gòng qì chē; gōng jiāo chē
Car, vehicle
車 / 车
On the bus
公車上 / 公车上
gōng chē shàng
Get on the bus
上公車 / 上公车
shàng gōng chē
Get off the bus
下公車 / 下公车
xià gōng chē
Bus stop or bus station
公車站 / 公车站
gōng chē zhàn
Stop, station
Train station
火車站 / 火车站
huǒ chē zhàn
Bus route 38
38 路公車 / 38 路公车
38 lù gōng chē
派對 / 派对
pài duì

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