266 To See

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”

This quote from Helen Keller is one that Isaac Lidsky has found to be true for himself. He is a multi-talented person with an inspiring story and discusses with ShaoLan how sight can sometimes get in the way of insight. For him, losing his sight led him to an understanding of the importance of seeing beyond the material world in front of you and helped him to gain a much clearer vision for his life. Since then, he has become the CEO of a construction company, a best-selling author, corporate speaker and even a law clerk at the US Supreme Court!

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To see
To see, to catch sight of something/someone
看見 / 看见
kàn jiàn
Looked but didn't see
看不見 / 看不见
kàn bù jiàn
No, not
You looked and saw it.
你看見了 / 你看见了
nǐ kàn jiàn le

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