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Do you think that sleeping in the forest would be fun, or scary? Three years ago, Stef Roberts took on a challenge to sleep in the forest for a month, in order to raise money for a homeless charity. He enjoyed the experience being close to nature so much that he has continued to sleep in the forest for the past three years. ShaoLan teaches him the words for “nature” in Chinese and goes on to tell the story behind these characters, including what they have to do with sacrificing dogs!

To say “nature” in Chinese you say 自然. The first character 自 means “self” and looks like a nose, while the second character shows a dog being roasted and represents “sacrifice”! Over the course of many years, the character came to mean “correct.” 自然 can mean “nature” but can also mean “something that comes naturally,” so to specifically refer to “mother nature” or “the great outdoors” you can add the character for “big” at the beginning 大自然.

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zì rán
Self, oneself
Correct, right
Mother Nature
dà zì rán
tiān rán
Not natural
bù tiān rán
I like Mother nature.
我喜歡大自然 / 我喜欢大自然
wǒ xǐ huān dà zì rán
I love Mother nature.
我愛大自然 / 我爱大自然
wǒ ài dà zì rán
kě shì
I love you.
我愛你 / 我爱你
wǒ ài nǐ
I love Mother Nature but I love you even more.
我愛大自然,可是我更愛你 / 我爱大自然,可是我更爱你
wǒ ài dà zì rán, kě shì wǒ gèng ài nǐ

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