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In the world of today, it seems increasingly normal for one company to rise to dominance in any business category, taking over around 70 – 80% of the market share. Kevin Maney, columnist, advisor and author discusses with ShaoLan what steps can be taken to try to make sure that your company is the winner in the category that you are involved in. Also, learn why you should never take a book (of any sort) to a casino in China!

The Chinese word for “winner” is 贏家/赢家, 贏/赢 is “to win” or “to make profit” and 家 means “home,” although in this case, it is the word to indicate a person’s occupation or profession. So the “winning person’ is the 贏家/赢家!

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贏家 / 赢家
yíng jiā
To win
贏 / 赢
Home, indicate a person’s occupation or profession
家 / 家
You're the winner.
你是贏家 / 你是赢家
nǐ shì yíng jiā
Big winner
大贏家 / 大赢家
dà yíng jiā
輸家 / 输家
shū jiā
To lose
輸 / 输
書 / 书
雙贏 / 双赢
shuāng yíng
Pair, double
雙 / 双
Winner takes all
贏家全拿 / 赢家全拿
yíng jiā quán ná
Entirely, all, whole
To take

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