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What is the best talk that you have ever heard? Would it have been a TED talk by any chance? Bruno Giussani is the International Curator of TED and the curator of the TEDGlobal conference, of TEDSummit and of special TED events. He certainly has a wealth of experience in public speaking and knows how to come across in an eloquent way. He gives expert advice on how to make sure that you can give an eloquent and engaging talk, and then moves on to discuss with ShaoLan what he sees as some of the biggest challenges facing humanity in the coming years, including the globalisation of culture, the credibility of information and the survival of democracy (all in a few minutes)!!

The way to say “eloquence” in Chinese is 口才. The first character 口 means “mouth” (and kind of looks like a big mouth wide open), the second character 才 means “talent,” so when you have the “mouth talent” 口才, then you are eloquent!

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kǒu cái
好口才 / 口才好
hǎo kǒu cái / kǒu cái hǎo
You are eloquent.
nǐ kǒu cái hǎo
I am not eloquent.
wǒ kǒu cái bù hǎo

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