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Matteo Berlucchi is not just the CEO of Your.MD but also has a wine business as a side project! Having grown up on a vineyard in Italy, he took his passion for Italian wine to the UK and is very successfully selling Italian wine there. After attempting to pronounce the Italian name of Matteo’s company, ShaoLan then has her chance to get him to pronounce some Chinese. Being in the wine business, it’s important to know the Chinese for “grapes.” Having mastered this, Matteo wants to go on to learn the Chinese for “wine,” which leads ShaoLan to talk about some of the history of different wines in China. Do you know which village produces China’s best wine?

To say “grapes” in Chinese, you say 葡萄, which is interesting because both characters mean the same thing, “grapes.” However, it’s better not to abbreviate and use one character separately because people will struggle to understand, best to keep them together 葡萄. Then, if you want to be more descriptive, simply add a color in front of 葡萄 to describe which kind of grape you are talking about.

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pú táo
Red grapes
紅葡萄 / 红葡萄
hóng pú táo
Green grapes
qīng pú táo
White spirit
bái jiǔ
Liquor, wine
Red wine
紅酒 or 紅葡萄酒 / 红酒 or 红葡萄酒
hóng jiǔ or hóng pú táo jiǔ
White wine
bái pú táo jiǔ

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