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Laura Esnaola is the managing director of Care.com Europe, an organization who have over 24 million members on their platform and help families all over the world to find the different kinds of care that they need depending on their unique situation. Laura’s own family also have an interesting story, having been spread out in China, Costa Rica, Switzerland and the USA, but recently all moving to Germany. In Chinese culture, the family are the most important people in life, so ShaoLan teaches her the Chinese for “family” along with some extra words relating to family.

To say “family” in Chinese, you say 家人. The first character 家 means “home” and the second character 人 means “person” or “people” so the “home people” are your family, 家人.

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Family (Member)
jiā rén
Person, people
The entire family
全家人 / 一家人
quán jiā rén / yī jiā rén
My family (member)
wǒ de jiā rén

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