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Providing care can be extremely hard, but also extremely rewarding. Laura Esnaola is the managing director of Care.com Europe, an organization that helps to provide care for people who need help, be this child care, elderly care, sick care, home care or even pet care!

On top of this, she is an expert in European languages, English, German, French and Spanish, but also has spent time learning Chinese in Beijing, so it’s time for ShaoLan to push her Chinese to the next level! In this episode, you can learn a large number of words that all include the character for “heart.”

The Chinese word for “heart” is 心.

Learn With Laura Esnaola

Care With Care

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To care for something or someone
關心 / 关心
guān xīn
細心 / 细心
xì xīn
細 / 细
You are very attentive.
你好細心 / 你好细心
nǐ hǎo xì xīn
Carefully prepared and organized
yòng xīn
愛心 / 爱心
ài xīn
You are compassionate.
你很有愛心 / 你很有爱心
nǐ hěn yǒu ài xīn
To be careful
xiǎo xīn

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