187 Jealousy

Do you like to eat/drink vinegar? What’s that got to do with being jealous? ShaoLan and Josh tackle this rather tricky issue in this entertaining episode where ShaoLan tells a story from the Tang Dynasty in ancient China, which explains the reason behind the description of being jealous in Chinese as “eating vinegar”! Originally unaware of this association, Josh talks about how he mistakenly described himself as a jealous person, when really just wanting to say he likes to eat vinegar (with dumplings of course)!

The Chinese word for eating vinegar is 吃醋, which is made up of , the verb “to eat” and  the word for “vinegar.” However, as a phrase, this doesn’t simply mean “eat vinegar” it means “to be jealous”!

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chī cù
Drink vinegar
hē cù
Sweet and sour
táng cù
I'm the jealous type.
我喜歡吃醋 / 我喜欢吃醋
wǒ xǐ huān chī cù
喜歡 / 喜欢
xǐ huān

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