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Do you remember what your favorite toy was when you were young? Do you still have the toy today? When shopping for toys with her young daughter one day, Kara Dyer was inspired to create Storytime Toys, a company who make toys that enable children to act out stories as they read them. She describes some of the toys that her son likes to play with compared to the ones her daughter loved most, and ShaoLan teaches the Chinese words for all of these different kinds of toys.

The Chinese word for “toy” is 玩具. The first word 玩 is the verb “to play” and the second word 具 means “tool” or “container,” so the tool for playing is a “toy” 玩具.

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wán jù
To play
Tool, equipment
Play with a toy
wán wán jù
Toy car
玩具車 / 玩具车
wán jù chē
車 / 车
Play with a toy car
玩玩具車 / 玩玩具车
wán wán jù chē
Doll's house
wá wa wū
I love playing
我愛玩 / 我爱玩
wǒ ài wán
To love
愛 / 爱

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