233 To Take Care (Of Someone)

Laura Esnaola is the managing director of Care.com Europe, an organization who have over 24 million members on their platform and help families all over the world to link up with carers who are looking for work and opportunities in the field of care. Originally they started out providing care for the sick, but have expanded to offer childcare and particularly elderly care as populations in many countries are ageing. ShaoLan teaches Laura the Chinese for “taking care of somebody” and Laura shares some experiences of what she’s witnessed in China, particularly something that has impressed her, which has been the way elderly people tend to take care of each other, meeting in parks to play Chinese chess, drink tea and do TaiChi.

In Chinese, to say “care,” we say 照顧/照顾. The first word, 照 means to “illuminate” or “to shine” and the ancient form of the character showed a person holding a burning torch, so the illuminating of a place had a sense of watching over or guarding somewhere. The second word 顧/顾 was originally the shape of the head, but it gradually evolved to mean taking something into consideration, so together, illuminating and considering carefully mean that you can take good care of whatever or whoever it is!

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To take care of
照顧 / 照顾
zhào gù
To illumine, to shine, to look after
Look after
顧 / 顾
You look after me.
你照顧我 / 你照顾我
nǐ zhào gù wǒ
I look after you.
我照顧你 / 我照顾你
wǒ zhào gù nǐ
dà jiā
Everyone looks after everyone.
大家照顧大家 / 大家照顾大家
dà jiā zhào gù dà jiā
Family (member)
jiā rén
Take care of the family
照顧家人 / 照顾家人
zhào gù jiā rén
Take good care of the family
好好照顧家人 / 好好照顾家人
hǎo hǎo zhào gù jiā rén
zì jǐ
Take care of oneself
照顧自己 / 照顾自己
zhào gù zì jǐ

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