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Learning how to introduce yourself or your partner, friend or company is something that is extremely useful if you are going to meet with any Chinese speaking people! In this episode, Josh Edbrooke and ShaoLan talk about how to do a self-introduction, as well as how to ask another person what their name is (both in a polite way and in an informal way)! Once again, the context makes a big difference because the way to ask someone’s name can also be used to ask which dishes your friend has ordered in a restaurant.

The word for “name” in Chinese is 名字. The first word means “fame” or “reputation” and the second word shows a boy under a roof, showing that the name is a person’s name rather than the name of an object.

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míng zi
Character, word
Famous person, celebrity
míng rén
The name of a country
國名 / 国名
guó míng
My name is ...
我的名字是 ...
wǒ de míng zi shì ...
nǐ de
Your name is ...
你的名字是 ...
nǐ de míng zi shì ...
To be called as
jiào zuò
I am called as ...
我叫做 ...
wǒ jiào zuò ...
My name is called as ...
我的名字叫做 ...
wǒ de míng zi jiào zuò ...
To be called
I'm called ...
我叫 ...
wǒ jiào ...
What's your name?
你叫什麽名字?/ 你叫什么名字?
nǐ jiào shén me míng zi
什麽 / 什么
shén me

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