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Are you the kind of person who enjoys attending big conferences? In this episode, the co-founder of Myriad.live, Martin Talvari, talks about some of the conferences he has hosted in over 35 countries all around the world, including “Slush” at the beginning, and now most recently, Myriad.live in Australia. ShaoLan introduces the Chinese word for “conference,” which is an extremely practical one, but then goes to a deeper level, revealing the relationship between the original character for “meeting” and bamboo dim sum dumpling steamers! 

The Chinese word for “conference” is 大會/大会, where  means “big” and 會/会 (in this case) means “meeting.” So the “big meeting’ is a “conference” 大會/大会.

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大會 / 大会
dà huì
To meet, to gather, can, be able to
會 / 会
To meet with
會面 / 会面
huì miàn
To have a meeting
開會 / 开会
kāi huì

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