Martin Talvari

Technology pioneer

Martin has organised technology startup events in more than 38 countries and travelled through over 80 to identify trends for the event programs over the past five years.

 A co-founder and main organiser of, a landmark technology festival in Australia. The inaugural year 2017 saw close to 3,500 people from around the globe, descend on Brisbane for a program that educated and inspired people through interactive workshops, product demonstrations, networking events and keynote presentations. 

Formerly, Chief Strategy Officer of, world’s largest nonprofit entrepreneurship and technology conference, gathering 20,000 attendees over 120 countries. CMO of, a nordic startup accelerator. Founder and former main organiser of Mosa, a one off Taiwanese non-profit premier conference, supported by the Premier of Taiwan, gathered close to 2,000 attendees over two days.

Martin has a background in Civil Engineering and is the founder of, developing a construction automation technology.


Conference Guru

Martin Talvari's Chineasy Story

When I lived in Taiwan, I was casually learning Chinese, just for fun.