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Kevin Maney, columnist, advisor and best selling author of the book “Play Bigger” comes on the show to talk about the difference between succeeding as a new company and simply “joining the fray” in the business world. While in Chinese, the title “Play Bigger” almost sounds like something said at the casino, in this case, Kevin is talking about the concept of business category design. ShaoLan teaches him the word for “big” in Chinese, as well as lots of other size words.

The Chinese word for “big” is 大! It looks a bit like a person standing with their arms outstretched!

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dà xiǎo
Very, good
Very big
hǎo dà
So small
hǎo xiǎo
To play
A little, a bit
一點 / 一点
yī diǎn
大一點 / 大一点
dà yī diǎn
Play bigger
玩大一點 / 玩大一点
wán dà yī diǎn

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