126 Year(s)-old

What would you say if someone asked your age? For some people, giving your age is something that can be a bit embarrassing, while for others, it can be a sign of status and experience. However, this Chineasy episode features Luke Wragg, who is already dancing in some of the biggest ballet shows in London, but is only 13 years-old, what an achievement! He tells ShaoLan that his dream is to be a dancer in the Royal Ballet Company.

Interestingly, the Chinese word for “year(s)-old” was originally the same as the word for “Jupiter” because the Chinese calendar was integrated with the calculation of age.

To say your age in Chinese, you simply put the number, in front of the word 歲/岁, which means ‘year(s)-old’.

Learn With Luke Wragg

Ballet became his passion

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歲 / 岁
shí yī
I am 11-year-old.
我十一歲 / 我十一岁
wǒ shí yī suì
How old are you?
你幾歲? / 你几岁?
nǐ jǐ suì

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