109 Hour

How long will the journey take? If you want to talk about the “time,” don’t forget to review the numbers first!

Do you still remember how to say from one to nine? In this episode, you’ll learn from one to four while in this episode, you’ll review from five to nine! Besides “hour” you’ll learn in this episode, Talk Chineasy also taught you some different units, such as times, month and days.

Learn how to reply in Chinese as ShaoLan teaches Hyperloop One’s Bruce Upbin. Test your comprehension along with Bruce at the end of the lesson.

Learn With Bruce Upbin

Passionate about sharing with the world the potential for a technology that can eliminate the barriers of time and distance

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小時 / 小时
xiǎo shí
One hour
一小時 / 一小时
yī xiǎo shí
時 / 时
Two hours
兩小時 / 兩小时
liǎng xiǎo shí
Three hours
三小時 / 三小时
sān xiǎo shí
An hour and a half
一個半小時 / 一个半小时
yī gè bàn xiǎo shí
Two and a half hours
兩個半小時 / 兩个半小时
liǎng gè bàn xiǎo shí
Three and a half hours
三個半小時 / 三个半小时
sān gè bàn xiǎo shí
Four years
sì nián

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