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Do you like spicy food? Which part of China has the spiciest food, could it be Hunan or Sichuan? Stephen Turban, Harvard University student, talks about his favorite kind of spicy food with ShaoLan, including the infamous “Ma La” hotpot! Aside from food, a good looking girl can also be described as a “spicy” girl in Chinese.

The Chinese word for “spicy” is , and for a pretty (or sexy) girl, you would say 辣妹 “spicy girl.”

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So spicy
hǎo là
Too spicy
tài là
Is it spicy?
辣嗎? / 辣吗?
là ma
To fear, be afraid of
Afraid of spicy food
pà là
Not afraid of spicy food
bù pà là
Spicy hot pot
麻辣火鍋 / 麻辣火锅
má là huǒ guō
Hot sexy girl
là mèi

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