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What’s the connection between open heart surgery and the Chinese word for happiness?

Dean Ornish discusses with ShaoLan how his expertise in the operating theatre led him to look at a much more holistic view of treatment for patients, trying to treat the causes of problems rather than simply “bypass” them. The Chinese word for “happy” is 開心/开心 which can literally be translated as “open-hearted” and Dean Ornish proposes that perhaps being “open-hearted” in this sense is a much simpler and more effective route to good health than needing to have your heart opened for you by a surgeon! Who knew that ancient Chinese wisdom was so cutting edge?!

The word 開 means open and 心 means heart, so 開心/开心 means “open-hearted” or “happy”!
More information about Dean Ornish’s research is available at www.ornish.com.

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開心 / 开心
kāi xīn
開 / 开
Open the door
開門 / 开门
kāi mén
Very happy
好開心 / 好开心
hǎo kāi xīn
傷 / 伤
傷心 / 伤心
shāng xīn
Very sad
好傷心 / 好伤心
hǎo shāng xīn

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