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Noma Bar, a dear friend to Chineasy and the original designer of the Chineasy characters talks to ShaoLan about his own philosophy of design. He also learns how to describe himself as a designer, and how to describe different kinds of design and designers in Chinese, taking it all in his stride! Also, learn how Noma used a background in typography to help inform his designing of the Chineasy characters while trying to keep something of a pantomime factor about how the illustrations work.

The word for design in Chinese is 設計/设计 which is made up of 設/设 which means ”design” and 計/计 which means ”to calculate.”

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設計 / 设计
shè jì
To set up, establish
設 / 设
To calculate
計 / 计
設計師 / 设计师
shè jì shī
Am, are, is
You are a designer.
你是設計師 / 你是设计师
nǐ shì shè jì shī
I am a designer.
我是設計師 / 我是设计师
wǒ shì shè jì shī
Graphic designer
平面設計師 / 平面设计师
píng miàn shè jì shī
插畫 / 插画
chā huà
插畫家 / 插画家
chā huà jiā

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